Stem Cells

Our stem cells start to fail as we grow older. Soon, we stop producing the necessary growth factors and cytokines for cellular repair and regeneration. How can we modulate cellular communication, detoxification, self-repair and cellular regeneration?

SCRx Life Force Titan

Naturally occurring cell signaling proteins are important in regulating and stimulating growth, proliferation, migration and differentiation of cells. They also play a role in wound healing, immunomodulatory or anti-inflammatory activities.



SCRx Force Titan Growth Factor & Cytokine Matrix

SRCx Life Force Titan Growth Factor 2.5ml, 385 mg/ vial derived from placenta extracts that present in pure and fresh form contains a plethora of bio- active compounds, beneficial nutrients and 128 rich growth factors to nourish, rebuild and sustain the body.

SCRx Mesenchyme and Thymus Cellular Therapy

Rejuvenating and reprograming strategies to renew, differentiate, regenerate various cells and result of regulating the cell function and restoring the organ structure with revitalized cells. 330mg, 2.5 ml Vial are cold enzymatic processed via nano-ultrafiltration steps and filtered through specialized Milipore filters to retrieve and retain the nutrients and composition of mesenchyme and thymus peptides.

Clinical Studies of

Mesenchyme & Thymus Extracts


Treatment of A Variety of Immune Disorders


Cancer Treatment


Healing Wounds

About SCRx Life Force

We are a bioscience company with intensive research experience and facilities. With the cooperation of Stella Biomolecular Research, we discovered the right formulation of proteins, amino-acids, peptides, growth factors and extracellular matrix component in the exact proportions can restore healthy skin cells function.


Safety & Precaution

Safetyness of SCRx

All uniquely processed bioactive material in pure or fresh forms should be kept within a cool environment between 4°C to 8°C.

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Stem cell treatment the revolutionary science breakthrough in Biological medicine. We have the testimonials who can prove SCRx Force Titan Growth Factor & Cytokine Matrix and SCRx Mesenchyme and Thymus Cellular Therapy have made a difference in in their life.

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Stem Cell Failure Causes Ageing

Stem cells produce growth factors and cytokines to initial a myriad of cellular responses to repair the body when damage occurs. When we advance in age, stem cells start to fail and stop producing necessary growth factors and cytokines for cellular repair and regeneration. These Growth Factors and Cytokines are paracrine signals that are produced by stem cells, to modulate cellular communication, detoxification, self- repair and cellular regeneration and total rejuvenate stem cell to their most potent state.

Ageing is when there is a reduced in tissue and organ function, regenerative capacity and accompanied by a decrease in tissue resident stem cell numbers and a loss of potency. Hence, this caused an impact of the extracellular matrix (ECM) on stem cell maintenance. Stem cells are highly dependent on ECM signaling for their viability and function. Stem cells require a fitting ECM for integration and proper differentiation to promote regeneration and repair of tissues.

In addition, different stem cell types may require different ECM clues to provide the intended benefits. A hospitable ECM is often not readily available in aged and diseased organs, approaches for therapeutic ECM modification need to be developed. These approaches include the direct intervention into the cytoarchitecture by matrix modulating enzymes, through the establishment of a milieu that promotes ECM remodeling and reduces inflammatory events.

Ultimately, stem cells may be provided in a pre- established synthetic or biological scaffold to mimic the matrix environment and provides instructive clues to stem cells. The survival of stem cells beyond a critical time may provide these cells to autologously generate an ECM and niche sufficient for viable integration.



Naturally occurring cell signaling proteins which are important in regulating and simulating growth, proliferation, migration and differentiation of cells. They act as messengers and transmit intracellular signals through:

  1. Autocrine signaling (act on the same cell that produces the growth factor and responds to it)
  2. Paracrine signaling (act on the cells that are adjacent to the producer cell) and
  3. Endocrine (enter to the circulation that travel to distant cells)

These growth factors are simulants which served as an important immune modulator in modulating the process of cell division. Besides, these growth factors are of interest as they exhibit wound healing, immunomodulatory and anti- inflammatory activities. The cellular mechanism of growth factors Growth factors are natural protein that acts as messengers by conveying messages to regulate cells to cells signaling. Administrated growth factors will be absorbed from the epidermal, dermal and subcutaneous layer of the skin followed by binding to specific receptors present on the

surface of the targeted cells. It will then be transported from the cell surface into the nucleus followed by activating genes involving in differentiation and proliferation of cells, maintenance of the cells, cellular repair, skin elasticity, firming, etc. Benefits of SCRx Life Force Titan Growth Factor

  1. Skin Youthfulness
    1. Accelerates Skin Epithelisation
    2. Reduce Wrinkles
    3. Skin Firming
    4. Cellular Regeneration
    5. Skin Elasticity
    6. Skin Radiance
    7. Increase Collagen Synthesis
    8. Repair Free- Radical Damaged Cells
    9. Skin Repair and Restoration
  2. Modulation of Cellular Gene Expression
  3. Anti – Inflammatory Properties
  4. Anti- Oxidative Properties
  5. Body Rejuvenation
  6. Hormonal Regulation
  7. Immunomodulatory Effects
  8. Organ Regeneration
  9. Promotes Vitality and Strength
  10. Regulates Inflammation
  11. Strengthens the Immune System
  12. Wound Healing Properties

Thymus extracts for the regulation of immune system dysfunction

Thymus peptides were used as therapeutics patients for the treatment of a variety of immune disorders. This study reported thymic extracts isolated from calf thymus could regulate the immune system, prevent immune dysfunction development, improve inflammatory response and tissue repair, improve host defense mechanism and increase the production of lymphocytes.


Thymus extracts for cancer treatment

Thymus extracts exhibit immunomodulatory functions and enhances the immune system to prevent the growth of tumour cells and infections. Mice induced with Lewis Lung carcinoma cells were treated with thymus extracts for a time frame of three to eighteen days. Research findings mice treated with thymus extracts showed significant inhibition of tumour cells, increased production of colony stimulating factor and natural killer cells activity.


Mesenchyme for Wound Healing

Mesenchyme could enhance the extracellular matrix during the healing process. Skin wounds were created on each side of midline C57BL/6 or C57BL/6-GFP mice. Research findings showed application of mesenchymal cells could significantly increase wound healing activity with increased re-epithelisation, cellularity and angiogenesis of diabetic mice as compared to the placebo group.


All sources of SCRx Life Force products are innovated and Research by a European Union Corporation (Stella Bio- Molecular Research) @ Germany, one of the companies invented and holds many international patents for this discovery. All extract, manufacturer gather the entire source to go through a strict laboratory guidelines and recognized by GMP procedures.

History of Stem Cells

The study of stem cells unfolds a revolutionary chapter in the development of science and medical history, after cell biology.

Scientists and medical research institutes have been studying stem cells since twenty years ago. They believed that stem cells are capable of replacing human body tissues and organ cells. Stem cells can even repair or replace damaged tissues caused by diseases. This phenomenal function of stem cells has gained much popularity and soared in the healthcare and beauty industry.